Step on Stage with a Studio Legend

For modern vocal performances

Step on stage with a studio legend. The new AKG C636 is the legendary C535 updated for today’s rigorous live performance requirements. Offering the pure studio sound you’ve grown to love in a worry-free durable housing, you can now focus on your vocal performance—not on the performance of your microphone.

Spend a few minutes with the AKG C636, and you’ll realize you’ve never held a mic like this. Its proprietary double shock suspension system provides unparalleled rejection of handling noise. And the C636 doubles­-down on keeping your performance flawless by incorporating a state-of-the-­art, multi-­layer pop noise rejection system that eliminates plosives and a consistent, cardioid polar pattern that eliminates feedback.

Made with hand-­selected components and manually tuned for a pure transparent tone, the new C636 retains the spirit of the classic AKG C535 condenser microphone, while being updated to meet the demands of today’s top vocal performers.

Studio-quality sound
By keeping the C535 sound untouched, the C636 captures your sound unfiltered and uncompressed like no other mic on the market.

Uniform cardioid pattern
Eliminates feedback

Proprietary double shock suspension system
Eliminates handling noise

Multilayer pop noise protection
Eliminates plosives

24-carat gold-plated capsule
For robust stage reliability


22-技术参数 电容话筒
类型 3/4” Back electret condenser
音频频响范围 20 - 20000 Hz
等效声噪级 20 dB-A
灵敏度 mV Pa 5.6 mV/Pa
信噪比 74 dB-A
Max. SPL for 1 % THD 150 dB
电阻抗 200 Ohms
推荐负载阻抗 2000 Ohms
电压 48 V
电流消耗 4 mA
类型 平衡XLR
接头 3针
机身 Metal
外观颜色 Matte black
长度 185 mm
直径 51 mm
净重 312 g

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